Team Points

Team Points are a AVG Of the Total Points the Driver Receives in the Race. A Team must have 2 or more Drivers in the Race to be rewarded team points. If a Team has 1 Driver make the show out of their whole team they will Receive 0 Team Points for that Race as there is no AVG Drivers to go off of.

Example of Points: 3 drivers in a race Driver 1 gets 43 total Points, Driver 2 Gets 15 Total Points, Driver 3 gets 5 Total Points. The Total is 63 That is then divided by the Drivers so 3 and the Total Points Awarded to the team are 21. In some Instances points will be 24.5 we will round it to the nearest so .5 or higher will be rounded up and .4 or lower will be rounded down. 

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